What is Disc Golf?

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Disc golf is a fast-growing outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Similar to golf, the object of disc golf is to complete each hole in as few throws–or strokes–as possible. Instead of using golf clubs and a golf ball, disc golfers use a flying golf disc to traverse the hole. Each hole starts with a teeing area and is completed once the disc lands in the “hole”, which is a disc-catching target. While disc golf can be played with just one golf disc, the discs are designed to fly with different characteristics. Different discs can be used to hook and curve around obstacles, roll on the ground, or fly over trees.

A fun and challenging outdoor activity that is sure to become your next obsession, disc golf combines the easy fun of tossing a Frisbee with the methodical challenge of golf. All while getting exercise in the great outdoors! The fleeting warm months in Michigan are meant to be enjoyed outside. And that is why The Rabbit Hole offers the area’s largest selection of disc golf discs and gear, so you can get out on the course and start racking up aces with your friends.

Whether you need a new distance driver, fairway driver, midrange disc, putter, disc bag or some other gear, we’ve got the stuff you need for your next round.

Get out there and start having fun! Stop by and see our large selection of Disc Golf supplies and accessories!