Medical Marijuana Certification

Medical Marihuana Certification on-site every  Thursday and Saturday.  (days and hours are subject to change).

* Thursdays   3PM - 6PM walk-ins only.

* Saturdays   11AM - 2PM walk-ins only.

*  You will need a valid state id, $60 , any medical paper work. 

* If  you don't have any medical paperwork stop in and talk to the Doc.

* Cash preferred, credit card accepted for a small fee.

* You can not buy from a dispensary unless you have your state approved card.

Click Here for Michigan Medical Marihuana Program


Medical Marijuana Card Reciprocity

Which US states accept out-of-state Medical Marijuana cards

Click here for reciprocity states

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

A easy way to find a dispensary near you.


Current Michigan MMMP Laws

You are responsible for knowing the Michigan MMMP laws

Click here for state MMMP laws